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When I did my post on how to make money via blogging, I’d mentioned doing product reviews within it as one of my favorite ways to generate passive income with a blog.To me, there’s no better recipe for monetization than taking a product I love, walking you through it, showing you what you can do with it and making a commission if you find that the product might help you enough to actually purchase it via my affiliate link.(Not quite understanding how product reviews can earn money – AKA new to affiliate marketing? See my post on what affiliate marketing is.)But I’m also a big believer in doing targeted product or service reviews.Detailed reviews.And most importantly? HONEST reviews.It can be tempting for a blogger to review everything possible on the net – spew out five paragraphs that merely reword the content readily available on the product site, use screenshots taken directly from the product site and recommend a product that they’ve never even actually used – much less spent their hard earned cash to purchase. AKA to flood the web with bullshit reviews


How to Create a Product Review Readers Will Trust – Sugarrae

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