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Tyler breaks down an exciting conversation he had with the co-founder of Kickbooster, a new service that empowers and rewards your backers, fans, and affiliates for promoting your Kickstarter campaign. This just might be the “dead zone” cure Kickstarter creators have been searching for.Today’s Session is Brought to You byThe Freedom JournalToday’s session is brought to you by The Freedom Journal

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ComixLaunch | 029 – Kickstarter Affiliate Marketing with Kickbooster

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Affiliate Marketing for Indie Auhtors Part 4: Advertising | Writing By …

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In the past couple of decades, online shopping has turned the retail world on its head. No longer do customers have to step foot in a store — or even get out of their houses — to make a purchase.Now, in a time when adults in the U.S

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Mobile Affiliate Marketing Strategy

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The Performance Marketing Association promotes the growth and practices of the affiliate marketing industry. The PMA recently published a free whitepaper exploring the notion of “co-opetition” as it applies to affiliate marketing. Co-opetition — the word derives from “coöperation” and “competition” — is where competing entities coöperate, at least partially, through sharing information, partnering to develop new technologies, and even brand collaboration.The PMA whitepaper cites examples of co-opetition in the affiliate industry that drive growth and innovation. (I am a member of the PMA, but I do not sit on the council that issued the whitepaper.) These partnerships occur between affiliates, agencies, and even technology platforms.In the report, Todd Crawford, co-founder and vice president of strategic initiatives at Impact Radius, a digital marketing platform, said, “There can be justifications for working with a competitor… It could be a good idea if there are complementary technologies or services that make sense for clients to work with both parties, or if there is an acquisition interest and testing the fit via a partnership makes sense.”A new whitepaper from the Performance Marketing Association describes instances of coöperation between competitors — i.e., “co-opetition” — in the affiliate marketing industry.Co-opetition with AffiliatesOne example of co-opetition cited in the whitepaper is a partnership between two affiliate entrepreneurs: Tricia Meyer, founder of Sunshine Rewards, and Carrie Rocha, founder of Pocket Your Dollars.

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'Co-opetition' Comes to Affiliate Marketing | Practical Ecommerce

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Affiliate marketing has been a long-standing monetization strategy on the web. But can publishers and business owners still find revenue success with it in 2016?In the early days of online marketing, most big brands struggled to see the yield of investing significant resources in things like SEO and paid search. The early SERP landscape consisted mainly of nimble small businesses and affiliate marketers who recognized the web’s potential as a significant revenue stream.The original model for affiliate sites was simple: Find a product to promote; find the top 50 keywords for the niche; write 50 pages of technically unique content centered around those keywords and build a website around the program.As a career affiliate, I can admit those websites had little to no unique value to the consumer by today’s standards.

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Is Affiliate Marketing A Viable Business Model In 2016?

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Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider sits down at Affiliate Summit West #ASW16 to talk with Brad Dobbins, VP of Affiliates, and Lee Aho, VP of Advertising for Clickbooth about their performance marketing exchange, and how it’s going to disrupt the performance and affiliate marketing world. In this exclusive interview, find out how the company’s restructuring from affiliate network to performance exchange will impact affiliates, including how the platform functionality will change, how ads will now perform, what testing and data analyzation requirements will change, how the new model will affect sustainability and more. To experience the new platform and see how it will suit your marketing needs, visit was a brief summary of a post – Read the Full Article Here


Has Clickbooth Destroyed Affiliate Marketing? | Opentopic

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You know how important your list is to your business’ growth. If you’re measuring your list’s health in terms of numbers, it can really get you down sometimes

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#93: Affiliate Marketing Success with Rachel Luna – Amy Porterfield

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Hi, SEMrush Blog readers!Today I would like to share an interview with Jitendra Vaswani, the founder of, professional blogger and an affiliate marketer from India. Jitendra is a member of our BeRush Affiliate Program.

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Jitendra Vaswani Talks Blogging, Affiliate Marketing Success

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