21PepperJam: Affiliate Marketing Network ReviewAs many of you guys will know, affiliate marketing is something which I’ve been getting into a lot recently. It’s stemmed a lot from my blogging, where I’ve seen that making mega-bucks isn’t really that difficult once you’ve built up a readership of loyal and targeted visitors, and if you have a product that is likeable and will sell itself.This sunk in even more yesterday, when I read Yaro’s post on Building a Profitable Email List, where he showed a cheque for over $4000 – made my writing only one blog post, and one email (which was sent to his sizeable list). Thus, when I received a review request for PepperJam network, I jumped on the chance to sink my teeth into another affiliate marketing network.Who Are PepperJam?If you havn’t heard of them before, PepperJam are an Inc

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