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The Performance Marketing Association promotes the growth and practices of the affiliate marketing industry. The PMA recently published a free whitepaper exploring the notion of “co-opetition” as it applies to affiliate marketing. Co-opetition — the word derives from “coöperation” and “competition” — is where competing entities coöperate, at least partially, through sharing information, partnering to develop new technologies, and even brand collaboration.The PMA whitepaper cites examples of co-opetition in the affiliate industry that drive growth and innovation. (I am a member of the PMA, but I do not sit on the council that issued the whitepaper.) These partnerships occur between affiliates, agencies, and even technology platforms.In the report, Todd Crawford, co-founder and vice president of strategic initiatives at Impact Radius, a digital marketing platform, said, “There can be justifications for working with a competitor… It could be a good idea if there are complementary technologies or services that make sense for clients to work with both parties, or if there is an acquisition interest and testing the fit via a partnership makes sense.”A new whitepaper from the Performance Marketing Association describes instances of coöperation between competitors — i.e., “co-opetition” — in the affiliate marketing industry.Co-opetition with AffiliatesOne example of co-opetition cited in the whitepaper is a partnership between two affiliate entrepreneurs: Tricia Meyer, founder of Sunshine Rewards, and Carrie Rocha, founder of Pocket Your Dollars.

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